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We are open for service to all, regardless of sexual orientation.

Looking for a Better Day

Life can be complicated. As we age, changing health can create a need to adapt new coping strategies. Becoming the caregiver of an older adult can be confusing, emotionally painful and place strain on our own health and on family relationships. If changes are cognitive, caused by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia, things can quickly become quite overwhelming. If that person is our spouse or life partner, it can be all the more painful and difficult.

Being a senior is the reward of a lifetime of hard work and rich experience combined with the freedom to explore new dimensions of ourselves. It can also be a time when our bodies begin to define more of our day to day choices despite our best efforts.

Whether you are currently in need of supportive care to remain independent, or if you are in a caregiver/helper role, a good team is imperative to your well-being. I would love to be a part of your team.

Together, through strengths-based approaches, we will explore the hardships and occasional gifts of the changes you are experiencing. We will identify your personal goals and develop practical approaches for your unique needs. You will leave with a 'next steps' strategy that includes a plan to better care for yourself. You will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to navigate the next part of your journey.

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